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History of Tango (Virtual Live Experience)

Quick Details

Adult Ages 11+

A New Way to Learn More About Tango

Let’s figure out the essence of traditional tango and the influence of the underground, discovering its music, dance, codes, and outstanding artists. We will start with a personal presentation, introducing you to the history of tango, its dance, and its music. Through my photos, we will go through the contemporary tango, the most representative of today’s milongas and their main characters, the new aesthetic, the resignification of the embrace, and the nostalgia. We will end the experience with a live demonstration of the basic steps of Tango.

Important Information

  • Online experience. Meeting point will be at 10:00 AM, 02.00 PM or 06:00 PM ARG TIME from your electronic device. (Buenos Aires time, UTC-3)
  • Do not hesitate in contacting us for another time.
  • Not private (shared)
  • Languages offered: Spanish, English