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Argentinean Typical Breakfast Tasting (Virtual Live Experience)

Quick Details

Adult Ages 11+

Explore the Traditional Argentinian Breakfast

Enjoying a delicious breakfast is the first and most rewarding gift that we give to ourselves in the morning. If you’d like to upgrade your breakfast, I invite you to join me during these quarantine days to relax and enjoy yourself with your family.

Learn more about the typical Argentinean breakfast, or as I like to call it, “caloric sweetness.” During our relaxed and easygoing chat session, I will display delicious foods while I tell you everything about them! Some highlights:

  • Our “superstar,” mate, a great companion for us…
  • Croissants or medialunas, pastries, biscuits, toasts
  • Last but not least, my weakness… dulce de leche, a typical accompaniment for toasts and other surprises

Finally, as a bonus, I provide you with a recipe so you can share with your family something Argentinean… alfajores! Join me in this mouthwatering experience!

Additional Info

  • Languages offered: Spanish, English
  • Most travelers can participate
  • Shared experience